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How to Become a Successful YouTuber

Bysonal gupta

Jun 30, 2024

Goals can really make a difference in maximising your likelihood of success: what is your channel vision, and what are your specific short-term and long-term goals?

Pay attention to your analytics, and try to spot viewing trends based on the types of videos your audience watches. For instance, if you have more people watching your natural makeup looks compared with your smokey eye looks, then your audience is telling you what types of videos they’d like to see more of.


Now, YouTube is one of the top three, and at the end of the day, it’s creators — not billionaires — who make PewDiePie rich.PewDiePie has built a business out of producing a high quality informative and entertaining show on a regular basis for the past decade. And to do that, he has to not only be the face of the show but also the director, editor and writer. On top of that, he has to be a low level expert in video editing software and YouTube SEO.

The key to building a successful channel begins with authenticity and uniqueness: your videos should stem from your interests and experiences, and you should leverage your current strengths as much as possible. That way, you can create content filled with enthusiasm – and quickly build a massive following.

Niche selection also comes in handy because YouTubers can hone their skill and produce quality content for an audience that would resonate most with them. Those who are entry-level fitness influencers, should do their keyword research and select a niche that is less competitive, such as ‘fitness vlogger’ or ‘gym vlog’.


A good content strategy is one of the best ways to be successful as a YouTuber. This means creating pedagogically relevant, informative and entertaining videos for the viewership. Your strategy will also involve creating a schedule so that viewership knows when to expect new content.

Secondly, be original. Do not write on a topic simply because something similar is popular and getting lots of views. Although you can always look at what’s performing well and learn from it, try to uncover a topic that’s relevant to your viewers and your niche.

Third, you should gain exposure from other creators by uploading your work or asking for in-video covers. That way, you will expand your audience and create more opportunities to make revenue. Staying with YouTube is a game of adaptation and evolution. 374 words.


Making YouTubers connect with their fans through comments and live chats also keeps them in the picture, and also enables viewers to share these across their social media platforms.

The second technique to becoming a YouTube star, says Maccabee, is selecting a niche. ‘You need to build a fan base,’ she says, who are, it’s fair to say, fans of the same thing you are.

Then, it’s a matter of creating awesome content and holding people’s attention in order to build your YouTube following and to become someone’s YouTube hero. And of course, the fourth thing you need to do is look at your YouTube analytics so that you know what is (and what isn’t) working. In this way you can tweak and make things better. So, that’s why the best YouTube people are indeed the best.


Being able to overcome failures and adversity is a hallmark of the YouTuber. Resilient people are equipped to deal with unfortunate and challenging events in their lives. Whatever the techniques (for example, meditating or exercising), resilient people can bounce back from setbacks. They also have the stamina to enhance, upgrade or even completely change their environment and adjust when they must.

Perhaps the most widespread notion is congruent with the image of an elastic material: in physics, resilience refers to the ability of an elastic material to revert to its original shape after being stretched or bent, so the psychological analogue can be expected to be the same.

There are two main aspects to this; agility and analytics. Agility in that if something isn’t working out for whatever reason, you drop it and try something else. Analytics, in the sense that you do see what people are or aren’t responding to, and use that feedback to make changes to your videos and content going forward. Other than that, I’d also say get your content in front of people elsewhere, so create short form versions of it on the various platforms, whether it be TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.


YouTube channels provide a place for creators to share their content on topics ranging from how-to tutorials to skits and pranks. Making it as a creator on YouTube takes a lot of hard work.

For the YouTuber, setting some kind of goal is important. This could be a realistic goal, such as gaining a specific number of views or subscribers, or more specific topics to create content about, or something more abstract like becoming a YouTube partner.

Chances are that finding a niche for your YouTube content is equally important. If your content production happens to catch on, your gain in followers is likely to be more targeted. You can then build your following on other social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, and explore other streams of income.

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