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Waqar Hassan Tells How to Get the Best Results for Your Social Media Marketing Efforts


May 17, 2024

Social media marketing isn’t for everyone of course. You could decide to throw money at an ad campaign and any other pivotal marketing gimmicks – not to mention all the other nuances to creating an online presence – but ultimately fail to see any improvement. This means that you could end up spending a fortune before you discover what works and what doesn’t.

However, tips from Waqar Hassan could help you with it. He is a digital marketing strategist who has spent years perfecting his craft, primarily in SEO, social media marketing and online advertising.

He knows that not all the small bussiness has the ability to buy an social media marketing team and delelet the task because of this And therefore he wrote some tips to help you get the best out of your social media marekting. So here i go.

Create Diverse Content

So there’s a social media platform for everybody. And the demand is for the widest possible range of content. The day you ask and get a cookie-cutter deal, is the day you lose out to someone else. And that is exactly what Hassan pointed out, and also what he wants the brands to address.So focus on diverse content!

This way they can outreach and receive user interest from all sources. But producing different types of content doesn’t mean you have to make content randomly. The content needs to be very useful so that users will linger on your brand and see it as a source of valuable information. This is also the reason why it is recommended that you do a blogger outreach for bloggers regarding how-to’s and quick tips.

From there, you can share those links on your social media profiles for them to read them. You can also promote local news and industry news to keep the audience informed, as well as announce updates and news about your brand. You can also conduct polls, questions and quiz contests to gather more relevant insights and data. The more you do this, the more you will have an understanding of what your audience wants and would react well to.

Consistency is the Key

The second is consistency. Waqar Hassan expresses how it was integral to his social media marketing: The same goes for online – you won’t see much of a difference if you do it for a week or two. It’s the same as going to the gym.

‘But if you go to the gym for six months, seven months, one year… you will see the change. This is the same with social media marketing – you need to post content regularly,’ Hassan added. He said brands should invest in creating a calendar, which will help them deliver content on a regular basis.

Another thing worth mentioning is that every platform has a different flavour and tone to it. However, you should stay true to your business’s brand identity, whether that’s nice, safe or funny. Essentially, whatever the tone is for your business messaging, it needs to remain consistent.

Use the Three Rs

Social has three Rs in marketing – but they’re not the ones you think of! That’s right, to excel with social media marketing, you must supply your social media stream with the three Rs, bu we’re not referring to repurposing, refreshing or recycling content, we’re actually talking about using content that you already have in a new way. To repurpose content, you reuse something in another format. For example, you use a quote from a customer review and make it into a Facebook post. You turn a blog post into a series of Tweets.

If you need to refresh your content, you can do some changes to the original piece of content. For example, if you have an informative blog post, then you can add some new keywords relevant to searchers so that you can rank for a certain search query and appear to the searcher.

(Finally.) Stuff for recycling is repurposing. Get the same content on different platforms. All the TikTok videos or Instagram reels on the YouTube channel. All the Facebook Live recordings on YouTube. And the blog posts that did not do so well last month? Why not use them again?

Keep an Eye on Performance

You need to look at whether or not what you’re doing is providing you the results that you want.Hassan mentiond: These tools have been created so we can see if it is working- tools like Google Analytics. Google is a great social-media marketing tool, we can use these tools to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Additionally, Hassan noted that if you can tag your social media marketing campaigns in order to track them, you can monitor them better. ‘For example, there’s some nice analytics built into each of the social platforms that can tell you how your social content is doing.’ Tracking your performance is a critical element of your social media marketing performance, especially for paid ads.

Come Up With New Ideas

At long last, make sure that you do something creative enough to impress people in the market. There is no magical spell or formula for you to try. For example, you could observe your rivals. Instead of following their footsteps, it is suggested that you take a different approach by making some modifications and presenting something better.

This will help you get an edge over them. Secondly, you can stay connected with influencers and other stakeholders of the market that you can stay ahead of trends and cash in on them ahead of others. Lastly, you can keep a tab on the brands in other fields with brilliant content strategy for inspiration.

Final Words

Everyone tries to benefits from social media marketing but do you know that the technique matters. If the technique is not good enough then you won’t get the desired fruit from your efforts. Therefore, it is important that you follow the suggestions which are laid out in the articale. With the help of these tips you can easily get what you want.

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